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ChartsWatcher is a professional application for traders to filter and view all changes to the stock, crypto and forex market. The new standard for market scanners.


Over 10000 different stocks from major stock exchanges.

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We support around 100 different crypto currencies.

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ChartsWatcher supports 100 forex currency pairs.

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Simply the best Stock Scanner App out there.

ChartsWatcher is an online webapp that can be used with most browsers without installing any local software. You can define personalized dashboards with alerts and toplists including custom strategies and filters.

ChartsWatcher is developed with in Munich Flag of Germany

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8 different kind of windows

ChartsWatcher allows you to freely arrange different tiles with different settings on your screen. You can create multiple screen configurations. Most tiles allow you to select a channel that can be used to synchronize them to a stock or currency.


In the alert tile, you can view the alerts about one or more of your defined strategies. Along with strategies, you can define which columns you want to see. For each column with a value, you can also define a custom color scheme.


In the toplist tile you can view a current toplist for a defined filter, for example, price. To customize your selected toplist even more, it is possible to add other filters. Just as with the alert tile, you can define which columns you want to see. For each column with a value, you can also define a custom color scheme.


The chart tile is a perfect tool to visualize live market changes. You can view different timeframes from one minute up to one day. The chart is interactive and you can zoom in and out and scroll through the timeline. When you click on a specific alert indicator, that alert will be shown in the chart.


The newsfeed tile displays published news from all major stock market sources and is updated in real-time. Attached to the news are customizable keywords and data columns of the stocks related to the article. Filters and the displayed columns are fully customizable.


The watchlist tile enables you to manage important stocks for your trading strategy. You can configure the data columns you want to see and sort the toplist by column.

News and Clock

With the clock tile, you can see the current time in a choosen timezone. The stock news tile provides the latests news for a choosen symbol. Futhermore, it is possible to filter the articles by one or multiples keywords.


The data tile gives you all the important data about a stock or currency. It shows the current market data at the moment when it is loaded. You can also configure which data you want to view in a tile.

Plenty of supported configurations

ChartsWatcher offers a wide range of different filters and alerts to configure complex strategies. Multiple filters can be applied to an alert or toplist configuration.

Alert Configs
High/Low of the day
New candle high(1,2,5,15,30,60 min, 4h, 1 Day)
New candle low(1,2,5,15,30,60 min, 4h, 1 Day)
VWAP acts as support
VWAP acts as resistance
Volume spike(1,2,5,15 min)
Upper shadow(1,2,5,15 min)
Reject last low(1,2,5,15 min)
Reject last high(1,2,5,15 min)
Opening range breakout(1,2,5,15,40,60 min)
Opening range breakdown(1,2,5,15,40,60 min)
Near last low(1,2,5,15 min)
Lower shadow(1,2,5,15,30,60 min, 4h, 1 Day)
Doji Candle(1,2,5,15,30,60 min, 4h, 1 Day)
Crossing above(Open, Close, VMAP)
Crossing below(Open, Close, VMAP)
Break under recent low(1,2,5,15,30,60 min, 4h, 1 Day)
Break under recent high(1,2,5,15,30,60 min, 4h, 1 Day)
Bearish haram candle(1,2,5,15 min)
Bearish engulfing candle(1,2,5,15 min)
Bearish candle close(1,2,5,15 min)
Bullish candle close(1,2,5,15 min)
Near low/high of the day
... more coming soon
Filter Configs for Alerts and Toplists
Change $(2,5,15,30 min)
Relative Volume %(1,2,5,15,30 min, Daily)
Percentage Range %(2,5,15,30 min)
Percentage Change %(1,2,5,15,30 min, 5, 10, 20 day
Position in Range %(2,5,15,30,60 min)
RSI(14)(1,2,5,15,30 min, Daily)
Change from SMA(SMA(8/20) 5min, SMA(8/20/50/200) Daily)
Change from open / close($, %)
Change from EMA(EMA(8/20/50) 1min)
Average volume(5, 10, 20 days)
Absolute Volume $(5,10,15,30,60 min, Daily)
Range $(1,2,5,15,30 min, 5,10 Days)
Time(Outside, Between, Over, Under)
Price(Outside, Between, Over, Under)
Float(Outside, Between, Over, Under)
... more coming soon

Light & Dark

ChartsWatcher offers a dark and a light theme. Check them out below!

Import and Export Configurations

In ChartsWatcher you can share your configurations with friends by using our import and export functionality. It allows you to simply export all your configs. It is also possible to choose specific configurations. This functionality is only accessible with a valid subscription.


ChartsWatcher offers a backtesting service to try out and check your configured alert strategies. It is possible to test back a few days in a choosen time frame.

Mobile App

Beside our webapp, we offer an additional mobile app for Android. If you have a valid subscription, you can login with your normal account and view single alerts or toplists configured in the webapp. Keep in mind that the app is only intended as an addition to the webapp. It only offers a small part of the webapp functionality.

We can currently not provide an iOS companion app due to App Store regulations (details here).

Our Simple Straight-Forward Pricing.

To make pricing as simple as possible, we offer one inexpensive Pro Plan which includes all features of ChartsWatcher. We also offer a Free Plan which is missing some advanced features.

Free Plan


Per Month

completely free - no payment data required

  • Ads
  • No Backtesting
  • Daily usage time limit
  • No Import/Export configurations
  • No Mobile app
  • Only light theme
  • Max. 3 different screens
  • Max. 10 windows on a screen
  • Limited count of configurations per type (5 alert, 5 toplist, 1 watchlist, 1 newsfeed, 5 color)
  • Alerts with multiple strategies
  • Toplists with plenty of filters
  • Custom color rules
  • Multiple dashboard screens
  • Crypto currencies and forex
  • Watchlists

Pro Plan


Per Month

plus VAT (varies by country)

  • Ad-free experience
  • Backtesting
  • No usage time limit
  • Import/Export configurations
  • Mobile app
  • Dark theme
  • Up to 20 different screens
  • Up to 30 windows on a screen
  • Up to 50 configurations per type (alert, toplist, watchlist, newsfeed, color)
  • Alerts with multiple strategies
  • Toplists with plenty of filters
  • Custom color rules
  • Multiple dashboard screens
  • Crypto currencies and forex
  • Watchlists