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You can earn around 30% commissions on every sale resulting from your personal referral.

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How does it work?

Our affiliate partner program is provided by our payment service and merchant of record, Paddle. For a successful conversion to a paid subscription, you will earn a 30%* commission on up to 12 billing intervals. Take the following steps to register as an affiliate partner and start earning money.

*30% commission after tax and payment provider cuts

1. Register

To get registered as an affiliate partner, you have to create a Paddle account and join the ChartWatcher program.

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2. Login

After creating an account, you can log in to your Paddle account. Then navigate to "Affiliates". This is the dashboard where all affiliate activity is shown.

Login page

3. Approval

In the affiliate dashboard, navigate to "Sellers". In this list "ChartWatchers" should be shown. If the status is not "active", you are not approved as an affiliate partner. It can take up to three days before we approve and activate your account.
If you have any problems, just contact us via e-mail:

4. Affiliate link

After you are approved as a partner and the status is "active", you can get your personal referral link by navigating to "Links" in the affiliate dashboard.
Click the button "Get Affiliate Link" to acquire your link.

Share this link with other people. When they use your link to register/login and then later start a subscription, you will earn commissions on the first payed subscription period.

5. Get your money

To learn more about Paddle payout visit the Paddle FAQ. There, everything is explained including how you can retrieve your money and when.

Paddle Payment FAQ

Affiliate FAQ

The most common questions about our affiliate program are answered below.

How high are the commissions?

The commissions are currently at 30% of up to 12 billing intervals. The rate can change in the future. If you want a personalized rate, feel free to contact us:

The numbers in the affiliate dashboard are not correct

The numbers shown in the Paddle affiliate dashboard are not counted live. The correct numbers can be delayed by at least 12 hours.